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*Case Laminate with Jacket Hardcover*

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Release Date: May 10 2022

Enter the world of Aralva with book one of the TALES OF MALMAR anthology series by William J. Wood. Perfect for fans of Shadow And Bone & The Wheel of Time.

Far beyond the wonders of Aralva, past where the river splits and the chasms cry, Elorin lays in peace. Home to the saviour.


In the dark to a brewing evil, Alleria Valrona works as a librarian. But her whole life has been a lie. Alleria is not like the rest. She is a prophecy. She has the power.... The power to end it all. And when she is sought by a mystical guardian with a life-altering plea, she and her friends must travel across Malmar to discover the secrets of their land. But above all – stay alive.


Family is the key to survival.


But can she trust those who keep secrets from her?


And what is willing to sacrifice to fulfil her prophecy?


A Tempest of Emerald Dream (Hardcover)

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